Oracle internals, debugging and undocumented features

How To Gather/Backup ASM Metadata In A Formatted Manner? Note:470211.1

From note :

Note: On release 11g and onwards you can use the ASMCMD to backup the ASM metadata.

From Oracle documentation itself:

Syntax and Description

md_backup [-b location_of_backup] [-g dgname [-g dgname]]

location_of_backup is the location in which you want to store the backup file

dgname is the name of the disk group that you want to back up

Let’s try:

ASMCMD [+] > md_backup -b /tmp/backupdg -g md_data -g md_logs

Disk group to be backed up: MD_LOGS

When open backupd file there are only entries for this disk groups.

It will generate report only on last group!!  Not a big deal but ASM is full of bugs..


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