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Filesystem benchmark tools- IOzone

Last few days am doing my own research related to disks, i/o etc..  All theory is just theory until you prove it.. so best way to do it is to run some tests and collect information .. Fortunately for us there are free benchmark tools.

Today I got a chance to play with IOzone  ( thanks to my  Linux admin)  and would like to share few key points when using this tool..

Tool can be downloaded from IOzone site  www.iozone.org 

After installing it  I got latest version Version $Revision: 3.311 $  Compiled for 64 bit mode.

so fastest way to get help

 iozone -h  and  iozone -a  to run in auto mode.

From my qiuick play with tool:

a) tool have zillions options.

b) can generate output file in Excel format .. means nice graphs..


iozone -ab test.xls  (  a – auto mode ,  b – generate Excel file )

Output looks something like this.. I uploaded picture from IOzone site..


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