Oracle internals, debugging and undocumented features

Troubleshooting SQL*NET

Few weeks ago I found very good white paper which explains sqlnet trace files.I wrote about it in previous blog


 I was troubleshooting sqlnet  issue today and used very same article  to read trace files.It was very useful.

Also I used  tool that I completely forgot .I am talking about  Oracle Trace Assistant  or Oracle binary  trcasst

For large trace files this can be very useful.It is very easy to use:

 Usage : trcasst [options] <filename>
      [options]  default values are -odt -e0 -s
      <filename>  always last argument
    -o[c|d][u|t][q]  Net Services and TTC information
      [c]  Summary of Net Services information
      [d]  Detailed Net Services information
      [u]  Summary of TTC information
      [t]  Detailed TTC information
      [q]  SQL commands (used together with u)
    -s  Statistics
    -e[0|1|2]  Error information, default is 0
      [0]  Translate NS error numbers
      [1]  Error translation
      [2]  Error numbers without translation
    -l[a|i <connection_id>]  Connection information
      [a]  List all connections in a trace file
      [i <connection_id>]  Decode a specified connection

Most useful option in my case was error information or  ( -e )

trcasst -e  sqlnet_tracefile.trc

It gives NS & NT Errors Translation or  TNS familiar error number.Then at least you can get some idea what is going on.Oracle has explanation for Error Stack Components which  helps to narrow issue.

Do not forget to  check with your network admin and see if there is any firewall or F5 involved .


Oracle Net8 Administrator’s Guide – Chapter 10 Troubleshooting

Metalink:  Network Products and Error Stack Components  Doc ID:  39662.1


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