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High Availability – Oracle GoldenGate

The GoldenGate ( now owned by Oracle Corporation ) for Active-Active solution provides  real-time bidirectional data movement between heterogeneous dual-active or multi-master databases. GoldenGate’s Active-Active solution also offers advanced features for data conflict detection and resolution.


  • Allows application transactions to be distributed across multiple databases
  • Provides full bi-directional data movement without distance constraints
  • Allows conflict detection and resolution
  • Enables sub-second latency even at high data volumes
  • Preserves transaction integrity for confidence in data across multiple active environments
  • Decouples source and target environments to support a wide variety of heterogeneous databases and platforms


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Additional downloads from  Oracle E delivery site:



One response to “High Availability – Oracle GoldenGate

  1. grigorianvlad October 25, 2011 at 9:20 pm

    I have a question about Flashback Data Archive tables in Goldengate replication. Are these tables usually excluded in an extract like “TABLEEXCLUDE .SYS_FBA_*”?
    What is the approach for replicating and initial load of Flash Back Data Archive tables?
    Here is my problem. I exported a user schema using Oracle DataPump, imported into destination database. GoldenGate abended saying some tables dont exist on dest. I checked tables and there were about 200 tables that were not exported because they are FBDA tables and DataPump just ignores them. So, I recreated them on source with scripts.
    So, how is this done? Source and destination have their own FBDA and these tables should not be neither recreated with scripts on dest or replicated? Or they have to be replicated with contents?

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