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Issue with Oracle new Redundant Interconnect

MOS note Patch Set – List of Bug Fixes by Problem Type [ID 1179583.1]

If you look for patch 9974223  you can see that patch is there:

under Undocumented Oracle Server

9969284 9969539 9971646 9972586 9973072 9973560 9974223 9974736 9975343 9975837

but  Bug 9974223 :

Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a cluster needs multicast communication on addresses
working properly between the cluster nodes.

“When first attempting to start an cluster node, either during a fresh install or after an
upgrade attempt, it is possible that the node will be unable to join the cluster.
The Oracle Cluster Synchronization Services (OCSSD) will report a failure to join the
existing cluster members.This will be noted as an inability for the CSS to connect to the other active members of the cluster.
The problem occurs because the clusterware in uses multicast messages to initiate communications on the address.
If multicast on these addresses is not enabled for the private interfaces, then the clusterware will be unable to connect to it’s peer nodes.”

still exists.

When I run mcast1 program ( MOS note 1212703.1 )on my nodes using address it never locates new peer..

but when I use it works..

Here is what Oracle says:Note ID 1054902.1

For and above, private network, without patch 9974223, multicast address should work; with the patch,
another multicast address is supported. See Multicast section to verify.

Guess what.There is no patch 9974223 and multicast does not work for address.

One of the solution I have found on internet

(if you are using Cisco switches) is to configure no ip igmp snooping on the switch.


And answer from MOS:

Oracle released Patch 9974223.It is available to download.


3 responses to “Issue with Oracle new Redundant Interconnect

  1. oraclue November 2, 2010 at 10:17 am

    Hi Martiin,

    I am working with my Network folks to enable port .. 224 is default..

    So probably some Cisco switch configuration.

    Did you get estimate for patch? How long before they released it?



  2. oraclue November 2, 2010 at 10:42 am

    Just got this from Oracle:

    Patch is in the test phase, so I believe it will be released soon


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