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OEM 11g install and ORA-12650

Two weeks ago I was trying to  install  OEM grid control version 11 .I did it many times already but this time my process  failed in the middle of install.

After digging numerous number of  install logs I have found message like one bellow:

HealthMonitor Jan 26, 2011 5:39:44 PM OMS Heartbeat Recorder:  error: Could not get id: java.sql.SQLException: Oracle Error ORA-12650
Critical error err=3 detected in module OMS Heartbeat Recorder:

Quick search turn out that    ORA-12650 No common encryption or data integrity algorithm  is error related to  Oracle Advanced Security Option.

Then I realized that have ASO enabled on datatabase which will be used as OEM respository.

My sqlnet.ora looks something like this: 

/* ASO Encryption */

SQLNET.CRYPTO_SEED = “-blablablablablabla”

/* ASO Checksumm */


After  taking this part from sqlnet.ora file  my install finished successfully.

It sounds easy but it took me some time to dig all install logs and find the cause..

One response to “OEM 11g install and ORA-12650

  1. Bernard Polarski February 22, 2011 at 4:20 am

    There are some rumours that Oracle 26z will be user friendly and traps prone.

    Finally the only reaming questions is if Oracle 27, having exhausted the stock of letters,
    will be appended with a Chinese character.

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