Oracle internals, debugging and undocumented features

GoldenGate error OGG-01755 SQL error: OCI Error 26,723 = ORA-26723

I was trying to register extract  OGG v 11.2 on one of my dev servers

GGSCI (tpadldb10.gratiscard.com) 1> dblogin  userid srvegate password xxxxx

Successfully logged into database.

 GGSCI (tpadldb10.gratiscard.com) 2> register extract testext database

and run into error above :  OGG-01755  SQL error: OCI Error 26,723.

See Extract user privileges in the Oracle GoldenGate for Oracle Installation and Setup Guide.

So I open OGG installation document and granted every possible privilege .

Table 4–1 Database privileges by Oracle GoldenGate process


and try again  to register extract and got same error.

Finally I dediced to trace database sesssion . Register command abanded with ORA- 26723   (OCI Error 26,723 translates to ORA-26723 ).

Then quick look  for ORA-26723  


Grant the DV_GOLDENGATE_REDO_ACCESS role to any user who is responsible for using the Oracle GoldenGate TRANLOGOPTIONS DBLOGREADER method to access redo logs in an Oracle Database Vault environment

At that point I realize that I  Data Vault is installed on the server . Since I never used it ( DV_GOLDENGATE_REDO_ACCESS  is not there to grant ) I have just disabled it :

% cd $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/lib
% ar -t libknlopt.a | grep -c kzvidv.o

Output of this command was 1  ( DV enabled ).So  I turned it off..

  % make -f ins_rdbms.mk dv_off

 make -f rdbms/lib/ins_rdbms.mk ioracle


 register extract testext database

and OGG-02003  Extract TESTEXT  successfully registered with database.


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