Oracle internals, debugging and undocumented features

Creating using DBCA

DBCA needs to include  sizes in G Bytes  for Fast Recovery Area.Mb are too small these days..

If you pick Automatic Memory Management   DBCA  will stop you from using more memory than it is  size of    tmpfs   /dev/shm.That is a good feature but

although I specified correct amount of memory database creation failed.After looking logs at cfgtools/dbca   I found that pfile was set to use for about few gigabyte higher. It seems that dbca will add  2 Gb extra.

Also  DBCA will not let you to create more than two controlfiles. I even tried using custom template.Same result.

After install I noticed that in  11.2 GSD is disabled by default and the service will show as target:offline, status:offline.

The crsctl command has cluster option so you  can stop / start all cluster using crsctl command  e.g.    crsctl stop cluster -all


2 responses to “Creating using DBCA

  1. Stefan November 12, 2010 at 2:57 am

    Hello Miladin,
    > Also DBCA will not let you to create more than two controlfiles.
    I have installed several single instances (with DBCA) with and was always able to create/specify more than two control files.


  2. oraclue November 12, 2010 at 10:07 am

    Hi Stefan,

    My install was RAC database using ASM. I tried few times but could not see option to create additional controlfiles.I tried to used custom template but it did not work.However I did not edited template files using vi editor.



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